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Bedrace 2015: Wow! What an event the Bedrace 2015 was. Firstly, we need to thank our sponsors for their generosity and tireless efforts to make things happen. And then of course, to my fellow tablers: for all of their hard work and continuing efforts, they are the heroes behind the scenes that are the glue for this event.  A special mention has to be made of Mix 93.8 FM for broadcasting live from the event and all of their support.  Let's hope they can make it again for Bedrace 2016. (They have now confirmed they will be there again!)

Then finally, I must say a big THANK YOU to all of the participants, without you guys this event could never be the huge success that we have come to expect.  I have to make a special mention of some companies that entered their first ever Bedrace: Aunty Acid, Protea Hotels: OR Tambo, Johannesburg Mini and Junior Council, Rockwell Automation, Continuity SA, Anaprop Property Management, and Three6Five Network Technologies. We also saw the return of some companies that have been missing for a few years: Weir Minerals, Rees Business Systems and Commrisk.

Then of course we have to mention Fury Motors, the company with the most teams entered with a phenomenal 14 beds.

The flea market was also a huge success and has turned into an integral part of the event with a wide a variety of stalls.

I look forward to seeing you at the Bedrace 2016 - The 22nd and best Bedrace yet!

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About Us Print

The Round Table Bed Race started way back in 1995.

In September 1995, 23 Teams participated with the intention to get hospital beds into institutes for the needy. Since then, Midrand Round Table, known as Midrand 253, has hosted the Round Table Bedrace the first Sunday of every Spring.

On Race Day Print

One person from each team will have to confirm their registration by completing an indemnity form.  That representative will then receive:  


Bedrace T-Shirts

Bed Numbers

Certificate of appreciation

Race fuel (refreshments for each team member)



You can then take your bed with your team to the starting line where the water fight begins (Don't forget your water balloons).

About The Bedrace Print

Bedrace-2008If you are looking for a different form of team building that all your staff will enjoy, the Bedrace is for you. Not only is it a way to have fun as a company, but you will be giving back to the community.

Each team consists of 5 members, one of which is the patient, whilst the other 4 push the patient on a hospital bed around the race track. Sounds easy, but when you have to overcome the obstacles that are strategically placed around the track it becomes a great deal more challenging and fun.

Midrand Round Table Print

Round_Table_LogoMidrand Round Table 253 was chartered by the then Verwoerdburg Round Table 220 on 26/09/1987, and the founding Chairman was Ken Tuckey.

Over the ensuing years, the chairman has changed on an annual basis for the most part, and the current chairman is Peter Kahts.

Round Table is an International Non Profit Organisation, and here in South Africa, falls under the banner of ARTSA (Association of Round Tables of Southern Africa).







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